Substance: Trenbolone mix 10ml vial (150mg/ml)
Producer: Maxtreme Pharma


The essence of the effect of PRIMA-MAX (Tri-trenbolone, Trenbolone Mix, Tri Tren) on the body is based on its composition, which includes a mixture of very strong action, including 3 esters of trenbolone at once. This is what the name of the drug is associated with. The main effect of PRIMA-MAX by Maxtreme Pharma is to influence the process of protein synthesis and increase the concentration of anabolic hormones in the blood, which causes rapid muscle growth.

A mixture of different esters of trenbolone is the main active ingredients, and according to a large number of positive reviews, this drug is able to help raise the testosterone levels in the blood of men by at least 40%. Today, the course of Trenbolone is considered one of the most powerful ways to get the body of a physically prepared athlete.

Taking Trenbolone, you will be able to achieve the following effects:

  • high anabolic type of exposure
  • increase in strength and endurance indicators
  • improvement of metabolic processes
  • stimulation of muscle growth

PRIMA-MAX is recommended for athletes who want to achieve excellent physical performance, increase endurance and increase strength indicators. With its help, you can achieve a high anabolic effect. But this requires a competent selection of individual dosages and do not forget about recovery through post-course therapy.

Before you start taking it, you need to carefully read the attached instructions, which indicate the need to necessarily warm up the syringes before injections. You should also tell us about the affordable cost of PRIMA-MAX, which can always be purchased in our store.

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