Testo Inject


Substance: Testosterone enanthate 10 ampoules (375mg/ml)
Producer: Phoenix Remedies


Testo Inject (Testosterone Enanthate) is a long-acting steroid that provides a long-lasting effect on the body. The decisive advantage of Testosterone Enanthate is still that its active chemical with a very strong androgenic effect also has an intense anabolic effect. Therefore, it is easy for everyone to use it in the shortest possible time to add a lot in strength and mass.

Rapid and large weight gain is associated with significant water retention. The pleasing accompanying effect is an incredible increase in strength, which keeps pace with this water retention in the body. Sports where brute force, aggressiveness, and zeal are required are the primary areas of application of Testosterone Enanthate.

Depending on the metabolism and the state of the hormonal system, the duration of action of the drug is 2-3 weeks, so theoretically very long intervals between injections are possible. Although Testosterone Enanthate works for more than a few weeks, it is used in bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting most often, at least once a week.

You can quickly become massive and strong, thanks to the accumulation of water caused by taking Testosterone Enanthate, which then quickly goes away.

Another problem with the use of Testosterone Enanthate is that it has a strong degree of aromatization, i.e. it turns into estrogens. As a result, the body accumulates a lot of fat, and gynecomastia often happens. But here everything is strictly individual, because for the most part these phenomena are in a certain dependence on the predisposition to them.

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