Substance: Nandrolone decanoate 10ml vial (375mg/ml)
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Nandrolone decanoate is well suited for building muscle mass, as it promotes protein synthesis and simultaneously affects the retention of water in the body. The optimal dosage here is somewhere 200-600 mg per week. Those who choose a dose of more than 600 mg per week, shift the ratio of positive negative effects towards side effects. In addition, the anabolic effect no longer increases in direct proportion to the dose at a dosage of more than 600 mg per week, 1000 mg per week will not bring better results than 600 mg. Beginners in steroid cycles should be content with a dose of 200 mg per week. For muscle building, Nandrolone decanoate is very well combined with Dianabol and Testosterone. The famous combination of Dianabol + Nandrolone decanoate provides fast and strong muscle growth. Nandrolone decanoate is a good basic steroid that can be combined with many other steroids to build muscle mass. Since Nandrolone decanoate is a long-acting anabolic, there is a risk of excessive water accumulation before competitions at a higher dosage.

Women at a dosage of 200 mg per week do not have big problems with Nandrolone decanoate. At higher doses, androgen-dependent phenomena of masculinization may occur: reduced tone of voice (often irreversible), increased hair loss, acne, increased libido, sometimes clitoral hypertrophy. Since most athletes do an excellent job with Nandrolone decanoate, they combine it with Oxandropolone: Nandrolone decanoate 50 mg per week + Oxandropolone 10 mg per day. Both drugs in low dosages are weakly androgen, so that the phenomena of masculinization occur rarely.

Since Nandrolone decanoate does not have a negative effect on the liver, it can also be used for liver diseases. Studies have shown that the combined use of Dianabol and Nandrolone decanoate leads to an increase in liver secretion, which is still normalized when you stop taking alculated Dianabol and continue taking Nandrolone decanoate. Even the duration of use of Nandrolone decanoate in several years does not detect liver damage. Therefore, Nandrolone decanoate is well combined with Andriol (240-280 mg per day), because Andriol is not excreted from the body through the liver and, therefore, does not affect its function.

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