Substance: Nandrolone decanoate 10 ampoules (375mg/ml)
Producer: Phoenix Remedies


Action of NandroBol (Nandrolone decanoate)

  • With the observance of the daily routine, sleep, nutrition and training, a qualitative increase in muscle mass up to 8 kg is guaranteed
  • Retains fluid in the body, which contributes to swelling in the joints and reduces the risk of injury during training
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Improves metabolism, food is quickly absorbed
  • Easy and fast recovery of the muscles and the body as a whole after heavy training
  • Catabolism increases
  • Long-term exposure promotes constant protein synthesis

Recommendations for use of NandroBol

It is recommended not to increase the dose by more than 500 milligrams per week, and not to release less than 200 mg. The duration of taking the steroid should be at least six weeks. The choice of the method of application depends on the individual characteristics of the body and various factors.
It depends on the body how the steroid will be absorbed. For some, this drug is a miracle, for others it can create health problems.
Women are not recommended to use this drug. Perhaps in small doses: from 30-70 mg. once every 10 days.

Nandrolone decanoate cycles

  1. Nandrolone decanoate + Methandrostenolone
  2. Nandrolone decanoate + testosterone
  3. Nandrolone decanoate + Methandrostenolone + Testosterone
  4. Nandrolone decanoate + dostinex, bromocriptine, winstrol or proviron

The most safe Nandrolone decanoate cycle

Nandrolone decanoate – from 100 to 300 mg
Testosterone-500 mg
Cabergoline – 1 tablet

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