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Clenbol, its name is more well known as Clenbuterol in the field of bodybuilding and in any gym you can find a person who takes or took pills of the drug Clenbuterol to increase the effectiveness of their workouts.

How does Clenbol work?

Once in the body, the active substance of the drug stimulates the work of betaadrenoreceptors, which is why the body spends the fat deposits in it as the energy needed for training. Thus, the fat burner is great for athletes in the cutting period, because with this drug you can train longer and harder, getting more prominent muscles, which is what all visitors to gyms want to achieve.

Taking the drug affects the acceleration of metabolism (at a level of about 30-35%), and this fact also has an excellent effect on the indication for the use of this drug in the cutting period. In addition, the drug affects the increase in the activity of lipoprotein lipase. Because of this, after taking the drug Clenbuterol, subcutaneous fat does not accumulate again.

Also, those who decide to buy Clenbuterol can count on an increase in the release of thyroid hormones, which also affect the process of fat burning in the body.

Clenbuterol in the gym and its properties

The drug is great for bodybuilders, and many professionals from this industry choose it for the fact that with it you can not only effectively burn subcutaneous fat, but also lower your appetite, raise the overall tone of the body, as well as increase the relief of muscle mass. It should be mentioned that amateur athletes also often use Clenbuterol in training, because with it you can just lose weight. Which also gives a reason to use Clenbuterol for women.

It is also important that the drug also carries some anabolic effect, that is, to some extent it affects the build-up of muscles. Naturally, you can’t build up a huge mass of muscles with it, but Clenbuterol is quite capable of maintaining your body in excellent condition after a bulking cycle.

Method of taking Clenbuterol

The first thing you need to know for those who have decided to buy Clenbuterol is that the duration of use of this drug can last no more than 6 weeks. It depends on the fact that after 2 weeks of taking the drug, the sensitivity of the receptors will significantly decrease, and the initial effect will be less pronounced over time.

The drug cycle begins with a minimum dose of 20 mcg, the next day the dose should already be twice as large, that is, 40 mcg, another day 60 mcg, until it reaches the level prescribed by a specialist, usually at around 120 mcg for men and no more than 40 mcg for women. At the same time, in the last week of the cycle, Clenbuterol should also be taken gradually reducing the dose of 20 mcg per day, but at an initial level, after which the cycle can be completed.

Clenbuterol: reviews of effectiveness

< p>The fat burner, which has the name Clenbuterol, can fairly be called the most popular drug from the field of sports pharmacology, which is currently taken in the United States. In particular, Clenbuterol is most effective during the cutting period, because fat with this drug is burned especially efficiently.

The most important advantage of the drug Clenbuterol in this case is that at the end of the cycle, the burned kilograms of fat deposits do not return.

The price of the drug with all this is always at an affordable level, and everyone can afford such a purchase.

Reviews of doctors and athletes

Doctors speak of the drug as very effective, because it helps to expand the respiratory tract and reduce the symptoms of shortness of breath. Athletes use it as a powerful fat burner, because it activates the metabolism, reduces the volume of adipose tissue, suppresses the thirst for appetite.

< p>Clenbuterol, despite its weak anabolic properties, helps very well to burn excess fat, achieving a beautiful musculature relief, and bodybuilders can show themselves in the best shape.

Possible side effects in patients taking Clenbuterol< / h3>

In case of overdoses, as in the case of any other drug, Clenbuterol can cause side effects, although it is worth recognizing that the athlete will not feel any special discomfort even if they appear. Among the side effects that can be caused by taking the drug Clenbuterol, it is worth noting: increased sweating (due to the fact that Clenbuterol slightly increases body temperature), sleep disorders and a feeling of anxiety, palpitations, in isolated cases, convulsions and extremely rarely stomach upset and nausea.

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